Kingsport Tennessee Real Estate and Community Information

Kingsport-Parks-And-Recreation-ViewKnown for its family-friendly appeal, affordable cost of living and picturesque scenery all around, Kingsport is a fantastic place to live. Situated in the idyllic foothills of northeastern Tennessee, this city enjoys a strong economy, affordable housing costs, excellent schools and colleges and easy access to regional parks, lakes, trails and other public spaces. For those seeking an economical and friendly city in northeastern Tennessee, this city is exactly the right place to look.

The Kingsport TN real estate market offers affordable prices, modest interest rates and robust property values, not to mention scenic views of northeastern Tennessee’s rolling hills and mountains. Homes and other real estate options in this charming city include everything from comfortable single-family options to starter houses to historic townhouses and much more to choose from. Properties in the city are perfect for everyone from families to retirees to young professionals seeking starter houses at affordable prices.


Founded near the confluence of the Holston River, the city was established in 1822 and soon became known as a key hub for shipping, trading and agriculture in the region. The city saw action in the Civil War but recovered steadily and enjoyed robust growth in the early years of the 20th century. Today it is known for its affordable property options, superb schools and colleges and strong economy, attracting many new families and young professionals each year.

Parks and Recreation

Kingsport-Parks-and-Recreation-Dogwood-WalkHomes for sale in the city enjoy close proximity to a wide array of parks, trails and other public spaces to discover. Just a few of these include the scenic Bays Mountain Park, the Cherokee National Forest, Warriors’ Path State Park and much more. Outdoor activities such as biking, hiking and camping are all very easy to find in the area.

Attractions and Activities

Local attractions in the area include the Cherokee National Forest, the Bays Mountain Park and Planetarium, the Thomas Amis House and a trove of local shops, restaurants and galleries to explore.


Balloons-Over-Ft-Henry-DriveLocal events and activities include baseball games, special activities at local public libraries, historical reenactments and much more throughout the year.

Kingsport: Affordable Homes in a Scenic Location

Those interested in becoming a home buyer in this family-friendly city should reach out to Barbara Hubbs as soon as possible. She offers the experience, trust and local knowledge you need to navigate the regional housing market. With its affordable housing options, vibrant economy and wealth of shops and restaurants to explore, this city stands out as a truly exceptional place to live in northeastern Tennessee.

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